WHG Vision The Philosophy
Our two main drivers are People and Profit, generating our company slogan of "Have Fun, Make Money!" We believe if you take care of your employees and guests, you will be successful. It's that simple.

Our Vision
To attract, develop and retain a superior team that works and adheres to fundmental business principles such as "L.A.S.T." and our WHG "Core Values."

Wisconsin Hospitality Group is well aware that there are times when we may not meet 100% of our guests' expectations. "Listen, Apologize, Solve and Thank" is the model our teams utilize to resolve any and all guest issues. Our goal is to use L.A.S.T. to turn any unhappy guest into a happy, satisfied guest BEFORE they leave our restaurant!

Core Values
The CORE Values at Wisconsin Hospitality Group are the foundation of our organization. They are how we approach everyone, everything, everyday, every time. They are how we work together to strive to meet our mission and vision in our company. The Core Values are:

  1. Strive to Exceed Expectations
  2. Treat People with Respect
  3. Take Time to Coach
  4. Always Be Accountable
  5. Have Fun

Positively Outrageous Service (POS)
At WHG, our service philosophy is Positively Outrageous Service! We believe in delivering great service to our guests. But if we serve them outrageously, we know they'll come back looking for more! We define P.O.S. as:
* Random and Unexpected
* Out of Proportion to the Circumstance
* Playful and Personal to the Guest
* Compelling, Leading to Positive Word of Mouth


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